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Complete Re-manufactured or Used Inventory List: (Done)

2003 Mercury ProXB 250Hp 20" Shaft

Price : Sold

ALL OUR RE MANUFACTURED MOTORS 30hp to 250hp receive the same treatment whether it's a 1983 or a 2007 . Your as-new motor is completely machined by our ultra modern machines- no short cuts !!! • All cylinders machined and diamond honed • ALL surfaces machined then high pressure washed and cleaned, • ALL NEW pistons are precisely fitted and plateau diamond honed.  • Crankshafts are remanufactured back to factory specs   • NEW oil pump, fuel systems are completely cleaned in our ultrasonic cleaner then computer re-calibrated. • ALL Injectors are all ultrasonic cleaned / back flushed and new seals are installed. • All electronics are inspected and tested as well as the trim system.  • The lower unit gets disassembled then factory clearances are checked along with all internal parts then its reassembled with new seals and water pump.  • NEW BASE COAT CLEAR COAT • NEW DECALS WE ARRANGE SHIPPING by Fed-Ex FREIGHT exclusively and the utmost care is taken to ensure you receive your motor in good condition.   

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In-progress Inventory List: (Not Done)

MercuryTracker Boat90HP SPORTSJET
Mercury19922.5 200 XRI ELPTO EFI
Mercury1997150 Carb
Mercury1997115 ELPT 20"
Mercury1998225 Optimax
Mercury1998125 ELPTO
Mercury2000225 Optimax
Mercury2000225 Optimax
Mercury2000200 EFI CXL
Mercury2000200 EFI XL
Mercury2000225 20" Opti
Mercury200090 ELPTO
Mercury200050 ELPTO
Mercury200040 2S 20"
Mercury2001225 optimax CXL
Mercury2001225 Optimax
Mercury200290 FourStroke
Mercury2003225 HP 25" CXL
Mercury2003150 EFI CXL
Mercury2003Mercury 200HP EFI
Mercury200340 ELPTO
Mercury2005200 EFI
Mercury2007225 Optimax
Mercury2011175 HP Pro XS
Mercury2011150 HP 2.5L
Mercury201260 ELPT 4S
Mercury2002150 20"carb
Mercury150 Black Max
Mercury150 Carb
Mercury150 Carb
Mercury115 ELPTO 20"
Mercury201920HP 4Stroke
Mercury201920HP 4Stroke
Mercury1999175HP EFI 20"
Mercury200275HP FourStroke
Mercury2002150 HP OPTIMAX
Mercury2001225HP OPTIMAX 25"
Mercury2004225HP OPTIMAX 25"
Mercury 1996200
Mercury 2002150EFI 20"
Mercury 2009300 Verado 25"
Mercury 1995125HP 2.5
Mercury75HP Efi
Mercury2004225HP Optimax
Mercury 2019200HP ProXs
Mercury2011115HP 4STROKE
Mercury 2003200HP POWERHEAD
Mercury2008250HP PROXS
Mercury2007225 HP PROXS
Mercury2014300HP VERADO
Mercury2014300HP VERADO
Mercury2003200HP EFI
Mercury2003200HP EFI
Mercury1999175HP MARINER
Mercury2011250HP PROXS
Mercury2005225HP OPTIMAX
Mercury175HP OPTI 25"
Mercury175HP OPTI 25"
Mercury115HP OPTIMAX
Mercury2016150HP 4STROKE
Mercury 2004225HP OPTIMAX 30"

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